Testimonials for SATeach


(specific reference info available upon request)


Mike Davis

“We got the scores back for the girls. [My daughter’s] scores were a 650 on the Reading & Writing and a 620 math, all in the upper level score range. Her national percentiles were in the high 80’s. Thanks so much for being a huge part in making her successful!” ♦

“I wanted to let you know that [my son] scored a 29 on his ACT. That is a 4 point improvement from the first ACT he took. Thanks for working with him.” ♦[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“Thank you so much for tutoring [my son]! He made a 26 on the ACT. We are so grateful that you gave him such great tips & strategies. So happy he was able to get his scores up! Joe enjoyed working with you and we appreciate you helping out so last minute. Thanks again!!!”  ♦

“I’d like to let you know that [my son] did get a 1600 on his SAT test. A PERFECT SCORE!! He also scored very well on his essay. We’d like to express our ‘BIG THANK YOU’ for helping him this summer.” ♦

“We appreciate your tutorials with [our daughter] so much. You have given her so much confidence. Thank you so much.” ♦

“[My son] asked me to email you bc he just found out his score–he made a 1550!!!! 750 in reading and writing and a perfect 800 on the Math! This WELL above the score needed. He said the reading was all bc of you. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. What a difference you made in his life.” ♦

“[My son] said he was taught the strategy of test taking—Mike not only looked at each and every answer he did not answer correctly on his previous SAT, he taught him how to think and speed read- zoning in on the most important parts of the questions. [My son] said this has helped him in his college classes he is taking now and in his SAT subject tests as well (he made 800’s on both of them). He also said Mike taught him more in one summer than he had learned in years of school and he connected with him academically and personally. Mike has a special gift of connecting with students and helping them. I have proudly referred him to other families and they have loved him as well.” ♦

“I couldn’t recommend a better tutor, nor teacher. Mike is one of the smartest, most learned people I know, and a man with extensive experience with the SAT over more than 3 decades. Great with kids, and great results!”  ♦

“Michael Davis tutored 2 of my kids through their SAT and ACT preparation. They were very different in terms of strengths and weaknesses; one needed to focus on math and the other on verbal skills. Michael was able to cater to their different needs and different styles of learning. They both saw nice improvement on their scores after working with him. I highly recommend him for SAT or ACT tutoring.” ♦

“Mike was a super awesome SAT tutor. He targeted our lessons to what I needed to work on and was very concise and articulate. He was very helpful in determining my strengths and weaknesses while practicing for the SAT. Mike provided several practice tests that were extremely useful. Thanks to him, I got my SAT score up 210 points.” ♦

“Both of my children enjoyed working with Mike to improve their SAT scores. He gave them helpful tips on how to take each part of the test and was able to explain answers to questions that they missed in a manner that they understood. The confidence he instilled in them made a world of difference in how they approached taking the test.” ♦

“Mike was an ideal match to help our son, who scored a 1380 on his first SAT attempt.  His goal was to improve to 1500 or above. With Mike’s assistance, our son was able to focus on the aspects of the test he needed to shore up, practice, and move on to the next area. Next score was 1580. Mission accomplished and we have Mike to thank.” ♦




Connie Campione

“Mrs. Campione wonderfully explained all concepts covered in the book. Although I have sometimes struggled with math, I found that Mrs. Campione left me completely understanding the material and ready to tackle my assignments.” ♦

“Mrs. Campione made math fun and helped me understand complicated problems. I really enjoyed how she illustrated situations and explained new processes. Even when the textbook only told us that a theorem or postulate worked, Mrs. Campione taught us HOW it worked. Through this and all of her other amazing teaching skills she truly gave me a fuller understanding of Geometry.” ♦

“Mrs. Campione is a very good teacher, and she always makes sure that we understand. She is always very happy to answer our questions. She keeps the class very focused but we still have fun — it’s a perfect balance for learning.” ♦

“Hi Mrs. Camp! I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you teaching me this year! I have learned so much and I love the way you taught it!! I couldn’t have asked for a better algebra teacher and I wanted you to know that!” ♦